Artist Statement

There are two themes in my current work. I continue to investigate my own spiritual experiences through my deep connection to the natural world.   In addition, I am depicting the unique experience that is possible through intention and compassion in a life-long caregiving situation. I am including the materials that represent the passage of time and repetition of tasks involved this unique experience.

In the newer work I have turned to portraiture, as it allows me to tell a more personal story, of my own son with autism and cystic fibrosis. The face I know so well is not that different from my own, yet my journey towards real connection with him was not intuitive. It took intention and academic rigor and the relentlessness of a mother.

I am interested in how we relate to and (mis) understand each other as individuals with inherently different genetic, cultural, social, economic and neurological make-ups. The points of divergence are numerous. The points of connection are simple: recognition of self in the other through attention and compassion.

The processes I am experimenting with include layers of accumulated materials that document the caregiving experience.   In one image, data sheets about health and behavior (collected over days, months and years) are covered by an oil painting of a joyful, happy young man.   This piece is titled “I get by with a little help from my Friends.” This song title has two meanings: It refers to the accumulation of hours of dedicated care by several gifted individuals and the large role that music plays in creating the joyful state portrayed.

Another oil portrait is painted on collaged letters from the health insurance company. This complex image alludes to the difficulty of living with chronic illness in our current health care environment and also invites the viewer into intimate interaction with the subject. The purpose is to create connection and show the universal nature of the dilemma. “No Longer on the Formulary” is about all of us.

I am experimenting with incorporating other new materials in these portraits, including duralar, a translucent polyester film that allows the materials underneath it to show. I plan to continue to experiment with the layering of materials to document the passage of time, the repetition of experience and contributions of multiple individuals in the caregiving effort.

Other artists who inspire me are Mark Bradford, for his beautiful layering of artifacts, On Kawara for the weighty repetition of his date paintings, Ann Hamilton for her use of time as process and material and Alex Kanevsky for his lovely figurative realism.

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2015-2016 The Innovation Hangar, San Francisco, CA
  • 2014 McEvoy Fine Art, San Francisco, CA
  • 2013 Art Contemporary Marin, Juried Exhibition, Bay Model, Sausalito, CA
  • 2013 Falkirk Annual Juried Exhibition, Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael, CA
  • 2012 The Bigger Picture Show Sausalito, CA, Group Exhibition,
  • 2011 Mill Valley Public Library, Solo Exhibition, Mill Valley, CA
  • 2011 Small Shed Flatbread, Solo exhibition, Mill Valley, CA
  • 2010 Mill Valley Arts Commission, Solo Exhibition, Mill Valley Community Center
  • 2009 Marin County Fair, San Rafael, CA, Juried Exhibition
  • 2008 Marin County Fair, San Rafael, CA, Juried Exhibition
  • 2008 Cooper Alley, Solo Exhibition, Larkspur, CA


Jennifer Francis Fearon is a contemporary artist working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her multi-media works and oil paintings depict a broad range of subject matter, including waterscapes, urban landscape and portraiture. Jennifer’s formal art instruction includes two years at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, and continued study with various California artists, including Randall Sexton and Chester Arnold. Originally from Texas, Jennifer also has a Master’s Degree in business and worked in the financial services industry before moving to California.